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Bất cứ vấn đề pháp lý nào bạn cần cho công ty tech, startup, deal đầu tư, và cả các tài liệu quản trị và gọi vốn nữa.


  • What legal issues do startup support organizations often care about?
    The most concerned legal issues are: Tax incentives for startups Programs and legal tools to support startups Whatever issue you're interested in, sign up for a slot Free LawyerTalks to meet with Lawyer Doanh Nguyen and be provided with quality original legal guidance.
  • Does StartupLAW have any legal advice/guidelines for start-up organizations?
    The only advice we have for you is: Do It Right! Do it right from the start. Legal compliance is not just for startups. Incubators and start-up support organizations also need legal knowledge related to the ecosystem to support and guide founders and startups. StartupLAW has a mission to educate the community about legal compliance. We provide quality free tutorials as well as paid tutorials and services. You can now consult legal guidelines specific to the innovation startup ecosystem. Legal To-do List Startup & Tech Legal Guides Legal Insights & Trends Free Lawyer Talks Case Studies < /p> Please share this useful information with your startup community. We are grateful for that.
  • What legal services are often used by startup support organizations?
    In addition to the legal services of a business, startup support organizations often use StartupLAW's following services for startups in their incubation, accelerator or contest program: Legal training for startups/startups Training Ready to raise capital for startups Compliance training for founders Legal orientation (mentoring) Evaluate and judge startup projects in incubation programs, accelerators or startup competitions. Check out our other services designed just for you here.
  • How to be most productive with StartupLAW?
    We value a trusting relationship with our customers. Let's experience it through these 3 steps: 1 - Connect For more efficiency, appointments should be made in advance. You can connect via channel Zalo StartupLAW | Helps to get support from the StartupLAW team, schedule appointments, and respond to questions as quickly as possible. You can also Schedule LawyerTalks, Fill out the form Contact or chat with us right at the ChatBox on the right. 2 - Trust & Cooperation We encourage you to connect and discuss a topic that interests you. We usually do that through Free Online LawyerTalks . As Legal Buddy of the Startup/Tech Community, our founder, Lawyer Doanh Nguyen often has useful initial advice for anyone, whether familiar or not. Make an appointment Free LawyerTalks now to connect with Doanh. 3 - Spread to the community We believe you will have a good experience with us through interactions, exchanges or legal services. If so, please share our information with those who need StartupLAW's support. We and the community are grateful to you for that.
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Từ 2015 đến nay, Luật sư Doanh đã dành hàng trăm giờ để cà phê với hơn 500 startup, công ty công nghệ và nhà đầu tư mạo hiểm. Hãy đặt lịch "cà phê online" LawTalk với Doanh để trò chuyện về các vấn đề pháp lý, startup, đầu tư mạo hiểm mà bạn quan tâm.

cuộc hẹn online - 30 phút | ưu tiên lịch hẹn đặt trước

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